This privacy policy (the "Privacy Policy") always applies, unless otherwise agreed in writing, between Propel and the user (“You” or the "User") of the website, as well as all content, products and services available at or through the digital product Panelista (collectively, “the Services”).

Output Bypropel AB (“We” or “Propel”) processes personal data in accordance with legislation applicable at each time. This means, among other things, that we protect your personal data with the necessary measures and that you always have the right to contact us to find out what personal data we have stored about you. We process the personal data provided to us and/or collected by us. It can be, for example, name, email address, telephone number. Your personal data may be processed by us in order to contact you, to fulfill our obligations to you as a customer, to provide well-functioning, efficient and simple services, to enable good customer care and service, to comply with applicable legislation, to send relevant information and marketing offers on our services or to use as a basis for invoicing and accounting. You can read more about your rights in the policy below.

By using the Services, the User agrees to Propel’s processing of the User's personal data in accordance with this Privacy policy, where the processing is needed for Propel to provide the Services to the User. If the User does not provide the required information or explicit consent when needed, the User may not be able to access the Services or part of the Services.

If You have any questions about our processing of personal data, you are always welcome to contact us.


Personal data refers to any information that can be attributed to an identified or identifiable living individual. Different pieces of information, which collected together can lead to the identification of a particular person, also constitute personal data.

Propel does not process any User sensitive personal data. Sensitive personal data refers to data which reveals a User’s ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs or membership of the trade union, as well as personal data relating to health or sex life.

Propel is the personal data controller responsible for the processing of all personal data that the User discloses when registering a User account or when the User is in direct contact with Propel regarding the Services. Propel also acts as a personal data processor for such personal data that the User discloses to one or more of Propel’s clients by means of the Services, e.g. when submitting contact information via external touchpoints connected to the Services or when posting in a panel owned and operated by Propel’s clients.

Propel undertakes all appropriate technical and organizational security measures, that are required in accordance with applicable regulatory frameworks governing the processing of personal data, to ensure a high level of security appropriate to the risks and to protect the personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of, or access to processed personal data.

Propel processes personal data such as name, e-mail address, mobile number, user ID and an optional user image in order to offer the Services in full.

The following categories of processing take place:
Collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, treatment or modification, extraction, reading, use, disclosure by transmission, distribution or otherwise making available, adjustment or compilation, restriction, erasure or destruction.

Propel processes personal data belonging to the Users who administer the accounts for companies using the Services, personal data belonging to Users who participate in panels and personal data belonging to Users who provide their contact details via external digital forms, also known as touchpoints, provided as part of the Services.

The purpose of processing the personal data is to enable Propel to offer the Services in full, provide information about the Services and market the Services. Propel collects and processes the User's personal data only to the extent it is necessary to provide the Services.

The collection and processing of the User's personal data is conducted solely with the User's consent or on the premise of an existing agreement or legal obligation, e.g. when Propel must save the data according to accounting rules. Exceptions are made for cases where a prior consent is not possible for practical reasons, the processing of the data is permitted by law, and Propel has a legitimate interest in processing the personal data, e.g. for marketing, follow-up of the Services, or for exercising or defending Propel against legal claims, according to a so called balance of interests.

Propel processes the personal data to administer the User's user account and to be able to offer the Services to the User. The legal basis for the processing is Propel's contractual relationship with the User, in accordance with Propel’s Terms of Service.

When a User contacts Propel via Propel's support service, Propel saves the personal data that Propel needs to be able to provide the support service as part of the Services, administer support and complaint cases and be able to contact the User. In addition to Personal data, Propel may process personal data relating to case/ticket numbers. The legal basis for the treatment is Propel's contractual relationship with the User in accordance with Propel’s Terms of Service.

Propel processes the User’s Personal data for direct contact with the User via email, in order to conduct user surveys or to deliver updated user terms, newsletters etc. The legal basis for the processing is a so-called balance of interests.

Propel may process the Personal data to fulfill its legal obligations based on legal requirements, judgments or decisions by authorities etc. In such cases, the legal basis for the processing is Propel’s legal obligation.

Propel may process and transfer the User’s Personal Data to and on behalf of Propel’s clients when the User joins such client’s panel within the Services or when the User submits its contact information via an external touchpoint connected to the Services but operated by the client. In such cases Propel only acts as a personal data processor for the client (who is responsible for the processing as the personal data controller) and the legal basis for the processing of the Personal Data is the User’s approval.


We only store your personal data as long as it is necessary for us to fulfill the purpose of the processing in each case. We will otherwise delete personal data in the manner that follows from applicable legislation, where an examination is made on a case-by-case basis when different types of personal data should be culled.

If you choose to deactivate your user account, your personal data will be deleted or de-identified no later than 30 days from the deactivation of the account. This is provided that the personal data is not required to be saved in the future in order for Propel to fulfill its legal obligations or to be able to exercise its legal claims.


4.1 The right to request information:

You have a right to, once a year, request and obtain, free of charge, information regarding what personal data about You (if any) that is being processed by Propel, a so-called register extract. If You repeatedly send requests for an extract from the register, Propel may charge a fee or, in some cases, in accordance with statutory law, refuse to comply with the request.

4.2 The right to rectification:

In order to fulfill its obligations to always have accurate and relevant personal data, Propel systematically works with its registers and updates personal data where necessary. If You notice that the personal data Propel processes is incorrect or if Propel lacks important personal data, You have the right to have your personal data corrected.

4.3 The right to erasure:

You have the right to request that Propel erases your personal data when they are no longer needed for the purposes for which they have been collected and for which they are being processed or when the consent or interest upon which the processing is based ceases to exist.

Propel has the right to refrain from erasing your personal data if Propel needs to retain these in order to fulfill a legal obligation or to be able to make legal claims against You or in defense against legal claims from You.

4.4 The right to restriction of processing:

You have the right to request the restriction of Propel’s processing of your personal data when You oppose that the personal data is deleted and instead request a limitation of its processing, for example when You need the personal data to be able to determine, enforce or defend legal claims. Restriction of processing implies that the personal data will be marked, so that it in the future may only be processed for certain limited purposes.

4.5 The right to withdraw consent and object to processing:

You have the right to object to Propel's processing of your personal data which Propel conducts with the support of so-called balancing of interests according to law. If You wish to exercise this right, You need to specify in writing which processing You object to. In the event of such an objection, Propel may only continue to process your personal data if Propel can show that there are compelling, entitling reasons for why the personal data must be processed, and provided such reasons weigh heavier than your interests.

If your personal data is processed for direct marketing, You always have the right to object to the processing at any time.

4.6 The right to data portability:

If You have provided your personal data to Propel, You may, in some cases, be entitled to extract your personal data in order to, for example, move them to another company. In order for You to be able to use the right to so called data portability, your request must relate to personal data that you have yourself provided to Propel and which Propel processes with your consent or to fulfill an agreement with You. The right to data portability does not apply when Propel's processing of your personal data is based on a balance of interests or a legal obligation for Propel. The right to data portability does not apply when data portability is technically difficult to implement.

4.7 The right to complain:

In the event that You have complaints or objections in connection with Propel's Processing of the your personal data, Propel kindly asks You to initially contact Propel, so that Propel can help You in the best way possible. However, You always have the right to submit your complaints directly to the Swedish Data Protection Authority (Datainspektionen).


Without the User's explicit permission, Propel will not share the User's personal data with any third party in any other way than what follows from this Privacy Policy, unless Propel is obliged to do so following the applicable regulations or unless the personal data is shared in connection with an ongoing legal-, administrative- or recovery procedure in which the User and Propel are both parties. Propel never discloses, sells or exchanges the User’s personal data for marketing purposes to third parties.

Propel uses sub processors for services in connection with Propel's Services (so called personal data assistants). These sub processors may handle personal data and may need some access to personal data collected through the Services. Propel may also need to use the subcontractor’s services to store personal data. Propel will always limit such sub processors' access to personal data to the minimal amount needed for Propel to still be able to offer the User access to the Services. Propel also requires all sub processors to (i) protect the User's personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and (ii) not use or disclose the User's personal data for any purpose other than to provide the agreed upon services to Propel, enabling Propel to offer access of the Services to the User. These sub processors may only process the User's personal data in accordance with Propel's instructions and may not use the User's personal data for any other purpose.

This is a list of the sub processors we use to support the Services that handle personal data:

  • 46elks - delivers text messages and thus processes Users' mobile numbers
    Headquarters: Uppsala, Sweden.
  • EmailLabs - delivers email and thus processes Users' email addresses
    Headquarters: Poznan, Poland.
  • Scaleway - hosts images and videos at a data center in Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Headquarters: Paris, France.
  • Scalingo - hosts databases at a data center in Paris, France
    Headquarters: Strasbourg, France.


We make continuous changes to this privacy policy. A new version becomes applicable when made available here on our website.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our processing of your personal data. Questions and requests for register extracts, information, correction of incorrect data or deletion of data are sent to:

Output Bypropel AB
Kungsgatan 57

Email: [email protected]

Since it is important that We do not disclose your personal data to anyone but You, any request must be made in writing, signed by You, scanned and sent by email to Propel. To the request, you shall also attach a copy of a valid ID document, i.e. passport or driving license.

Last updated: 2022-11-14.