Touchpoints - feedback from the right moments

Touchpoints with video questions gives you the opportunity to collect high-quality feedback from the right moments. You place a button, link or QR code, get a feed of answers, and can ask follow-up questions whenever you want.

Explore needs

Jessica at Red Startup places a button that is only visible to completely new users in their app. She wants to explore needs and understand expectations so that she can prioritize the right needs.

Try it out

Test ideas

Anders at Green Transit places a sticker with a QR code right where the passengers are waiting for the bus at a bus station. He wants to test an idea with real customers as early as possible.

Evaluate experiences

Charlotta at Purple Bank places a link in an email that customers receive after they have created their first monthly savings plan. She wants to evaluate the experience and measure whether changes they made had any effect.

It works like this

step 1

Place your touchpoint

You get what you need in Panelista to be able to place a button, link or QR code in the right spot. Some code to copy-paste, a link to copy, or a QR code to download.

Place your touchpoint
step 2

Get a feed of answers

The customers can be anonymous or add their email if they want to hear back from you. You get a feed of answers from the right moment and can ask follow-up questions.

Get a feed of answers

Place your touchpoint

The customer clicks your button, link or scans your QR code, watches your video question and answers. Of course, everything has your branding!

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Panelista is 100% GDPR-compliant
Your data is always encrypted
Your data is stored within the EU

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Panelista is a digital service where you ask your customers video questions. Get fast high-quality feedback and ask follow-up questions whenever you want. Stop guessing, start asking.

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