Panels - direct channels to your customers

Panels allow you to gather qualitative feedback from many in just a few hours. You invite a selection of your customers to a panel, send out video questions, get a feed of answers, and can ask follow-up questions whenever you want.

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Anders at Green Transit sends a video question to a panel of public transport passengers where the customers can sort different options. He wants help with priorities and to see if he has missed anything.

Anders Palm
Business Developer
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It works like this

step 1

Send video questions to your selected customers

You invite a selection of your existing customers to a panel. Then you ask questions in short videos that create engagement and high-quality feedback.

step 2

Ask follow-up questions and add highlights

Everyone in the panel gets a text message when there is a new question. You get a feed of answers, ask follow-up questions, highlight the most important things, and add learnings.

step 3

Get an insights report ready to be shared

You choose how many days each question is open. When a question closes you get an automated insights report that you can share with your colleagues.

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Send your video question

Send a video question to your panel of selected customers. The customers get a text message, watch the video and answer the question.

Panelista is based in Gothenburg, Sweden
Panelista is 100% GDPR-compliant
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Your data is stored within the EU

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Panelista is a digital service where you ask your customers video questions. Get fast high-quality feedback and ask follow-up questions whenever you want. Stop guessing, start asking.

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