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Send time-limited video questions to your target group to explore needs and test ideas. Go from guessing to instant insights for better decisions.

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What our customers say

“We use Panelista to get customer input before we design new features, and we are getting a lot of long and thought-through answers, suggestions, and comments. The value you get compared to the effort you put in is amazing!

Samuel Nygren,
Product Owner at Västtrafik

"Panelista is a way for us to have a dialogue with customers in real-time, and be able to dig deeper when needed. It is a magical thing when you can get a new idea and immediately check; Would our customers like this?"

Martin Fransson,
CEO at Wayke

“Using Panelista has been overwhelming! We have gathered input from our customers in a variety of channels and formats, but never had such clear, strong, and manageable feedback as now.

Alexander Ernryd,
CMO at Fractal Design

"As a leading bank in a consumer-driven market with 100 million people, we have an extreme focus on our customers. With Panelista we gain customer insights quickly and easily. Such an amazing tool, can't recommend enough!"

Erik Jonsson
Head of Digital Partnerships, Techcombank

“We use Panelista to develop Lantmännen for our young ambassadors and the farmers of tomorrow. The tool is very simple to use, the support, guidance, and ideas are great. Everything we needed.”

Jenny Andrén & Cathrine Hannell,
Owner Relations at Lantmännen

"The video questions in Panelista give us the opportunity to quickly involve our members in a personal way to understand their needs. We can then create even better services that make it fun and easy to be a forest owner."

Kristin Lindell,
Business Development Manager at Södra Skog
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Fast and personal feedback loops

Establish a direct channel, optimized for engagement between team and customer. Get productive teams that prioritize the right things with fast high-quality feedback. This makes it easy to create growth by fulfilling real customer needs and finding new opportunities.



Send video questions to a panel of selected customers that will give you qualitative feedback from many in just a few hours. You get to ask follow-up questions in the comments and highlight the most important things people say. The automated insights reports make it faster than ever to go from a question to shareable insights.


Place video questions in digital and physical channels in the form of widgets, links, and QR-codes. This will give you feedback from exactly the right moments, almost like if you were there in person. You also get to ask follow-up questions or invite respondents to panels if you want to continue the dialogue.

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    We do this every day

    We do this every day

    The payoffs in terms of product success, loyalty and revenue are tremendous when you involve the people you are creating things for. We know, because we do it every day.

    Propel is an innovation partner helping companies to develop new business opportunities. Based on proven methods we created Panelista, an easy way of collaborating with your target groups for quick new insights. If you work in product development, innovation, customer experience, customer insights, or business development, you should talk to us.

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