Know the needs of your customers

We offer a proven method where you start conversations by asking video questions. Get high-quality customer feedback and automatic analysis with AI. Stop guessing, start asking.

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Hillevi BrottarePanelista CoachHow easy was it to get started with Panelista?
Oscar2 minutes ago

The onboarding together with you guys made it easy and fun!

Jessica28 minutes ago

The first video took me a bit outside of my comfort zone, but so worth it.


Panelista's fast feedback loops are used by people who develop products, experiences, and businesses.

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A direct channel to your customers

Go from boring surveys and time-consuming interviews to quick, personal video questions. With your own panel on Panelista, you always have access to engaged customers who are ready to provide high-quality feedback, so that you can explore needs and test ideas continuously.

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Feedback from the right moments

Ask your customer a question at the perfect moment. Like when they are waiting for the bus, using a new feature in your app, or just placed an order. By placing a video question in the right spot as a button or QR code, you can explore needs and evaluate experiences.

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Panelista is based in Gothenburg, Sweden
Panelista is 100% GDPR-compliant
Your data is always encrypted
Your data is stored within the EU

Client cases


Should Västtrafik offer some kind of subscription? If so, what is important to consider?

When Västtrafik develops public transport, they continuously explore needs and test ideas with different types of public transport passengers in both broader permanent panels and focused temporary panels.

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<strong>Samuel Nygren</strong><br/>Product Owner

“We use Panelista to get customer input before we design new features, and we are getting a lot of long and thought-through answers, suggestions, and comments. The value you get compared to the effort you put in is amazing!

Samuel Nygren
Product Owner

Ask a video question

Send a video question to a panel of selected customers or place a video question where you want to collect feedback.

Panelista = digital service + expertise

Start high-quality conversations with video questions.

The digital service

An easy-to-use software for asking video questions that turn into conversations. Optimized for engagement and high-quality feedback.

  • 1 panel & 10 touchpoints
  • Unlimited questions & answers
  • Unlimited administrators
  • Multiple types of questions
  • AI analysis
  • Automated shareable reports
  • Your branding

The experts

10 hours per month by a dedicated and experienced Panelista coach. Make use of our expertise and give your team super powers!

  • Lots of high-quality feedback with little effort
  • What areas to explore and when
  • What to ask, who to ask, how to ask
  • Analysis and next steps
  • Our learnings and best-practices
  • An efficient method and structure for customer dialogue
  • Meetups with people from other companies using Panelista

€2,490 / month

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We are Panelista

You will find Panelista at Kungsgatan 50 in Gothenburg, Sweden. We who created Panelista are a group of experienced product leaders, developers, designers and business developers. We have run startups and innovation teams, written code at Apple, helped large organizations become agile, and developed several of the digital products that you encounter in your everyday life.

Throughout the years we have experienced the strength in having a dialogue with our customers to ensure that we fulfill real customer needs. With Panelista we want to make it possible for all companies to establish fast feedback loops with their customers. If you are curious to see what we look like, we are the ones in the pictures and videos in all the examples on this website.

Panelista is a digital service where you ask your customers video questions. Get fast high-quality feedback and ask follow-up questions whenever you want. Stop guessing, start asking.

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