Looking for another one of us. Full-stack JavaScript developer.

We help companies to involve their customers. In a real, personal way. Panelista is a digital service where companies ask their customers video questions, and get fast high-quality feedback that turns into conversations.

We are a group of experienced product leaders, developers, designers and business developers. We have run startups and innovation teams, helped large organizations become agile, and developed some of the digital products that you encounter in your everyday life.

And from time to time, we want to expand our team, so we can do it better.

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Developing Panelista

We have a main focus when we build Panelista, and that is quality. We want to build software we are proud of. Proud of its user experience, speed, design, architecture, reliability, and all other aspects that reduce friction. We want the results of our work to be so good that we are too excited not to share it with our friends. And even better, we want Panelista to create so much value for the users that they will have the need to share that experience with others, too. We want to create something that is a joy to use, and a joy to build.

Panelista is a young company and a small team (7 people right now) where everyone has a big impact on the whole. Even more so in the product team, where you will be part of the team of three in 2023.

Senior full-stack Javascript developer

Your work will touch most parts of the web app. A wide breadth of functionality - from backend API to React components, UI animations, custom embedded widgets, some machine learning, text analysis and more.

We don't expect you to have experience in every technology we use. But we do expect you to have a habit of learning. New challenges sometimes ask for new solutions, and we are a compact team with high ambitions, which is why we often explore and learn in order to build the things we want to build.

What makes you a good fit


What we offer

You will be joining me (Jensa), multiplying the size of the product team. I am one of the co-founders and a full-stack developer myself, building Panelista with the values and technologies above, enjoying the practical benefits below.

Apply by sending me an email so that we can schedule something  👋

Panelista is a digital service where you ask your customers video questions. Get fast high-quality feedback and ask follow-up questions whenever you want. Stop guessing, start asking.

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