Why not use social media or a chat group?

Social Media and chat groups are great ways to communicate. Some added benefits with Panelista are:

  • You can collaborate with a panel for a long time, but the video questions are time-limited, so you only have to manage the panel when a question is running. Not all the time.
  • Your team’s highlights and insights are added in the same place as where you see answers from the panelists, so you do not have to copy and paste content or use several different tools to collaborate.
  • You receive an interactive report after each video question.
  • You can leave the handling of GDPR-consents to us, as panelists give consents when they onboard on Panelista.
  • We will keep developing Panelista as a purpose-built tool for involving target groups together with our clients and partners. It will get even better!