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How to use highlights and insights

Highlights = the best things people say

You create a highlight by simply marking text in an answer or comment. It works on both computers and on your phone. When you add a highlight, you will be asked to write a short comment to why you highlighted this. This is for other people to understand why this was interesting to you, it could be something like "We should dig deeper into this in the next video question" or "This is exactly what we are discussing in Project X".

Focus on highlighting the very best things in the discussion rather than everything good. Every highlight automatically ends up in the report as you have shown that it is something important to you.

Note: Panelists do not see highlights, it is for you, your team, and whoever you share reports with.

Insights = what you have learned

You create an insight by clicking "Manage" at the top left corner when you are on the discussion page of a video question. Then you go to the tab for "Insights" and write a short insight which will automatically end up in the report.

We like to think of the insights as the answers to "What did we learn?". The conclusions. A bit like gathering in front of a whiteboard after a series of interviews or a workshop and summarizing the main take-aways. The insights are the most important things in the report, so do take the time to write a few. Here you use the input from the panelists, and mix it with your knowledge and experience to emphasize what you feel is most important.

Note: Panelists do not see insights, it is for you, your team, and whoever you share reports with.