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How to invite panelists

Invite the right people

First define in what area you need new insights, for example regarding an app which you are trying to improve. Then invite people from the target group, in this case people who are using the app. Invite people with similar needs to one panel. Your customers and resellers might care about completely different things regarding the app, then it is better to keep them in two separate panels. And customers who care about your running shoes might not at all be interested in your electronics.

Your panel will only be as good as the people in it. Make sure to invite people who are likely to generate new insights for you. Preferably communicative and creative people who have proved themselves in the past by contributing in some way.

Invite people in the simplest possible way

If someone has contributed with great feedback on Facebook, simply invite them by sending them a message on Facebook. If they have emailed customer service with nice suggestions, invite them by sending them an email. Anywhere you can share the panel link with the people you want to invite will work. We have invited people to panels by email, LinkedIn, SMS, Whatsapp, Slack etc.

Your panel link is the link you got when you created your panel. You can see it in the settings for each panel and it will look something like: "".

Invite people in a personal way

Write a brief and personal message when inviting people to your panel, something like in the email below. Be a person, not a company.

It can be a good idea to say when you will send out the first video question to create a sense of urgency to join the panel. It makes people join the panel faster. Then wait for a day or two, so that people get a chance to join the panel before you send out the first question.

Note: Only people who are approved panelists when the video question is sent out will be notified about the question and have a chance to participate. You will receive an email every time someone wants to join your panel, so that you have a chance to accept or reject people.

Avoid incentives

We normally advice against offering discounts or products to get people to join a panel, as panelists tend to perform better when they join a panel simply because they want to contribute. You can of course reward panelists later on if you wish. Remember that we are looking for a smaller group of highly engaged people, rather than as many as possible. Think of it as inviting people to a small event.