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How to get started with Panelista

1. Create a panel

A panel is a group of engaged people, we call them panelists. Panelists join a panel because they care about a topic and want to contribute. First, identify your target group. It could be customers, partners, citizens, employees, stakeholders….you get it. Perhaps you have several target groups, then you should probably have several panels. Then, decide which topic you want to discuss with them, and name your panel accordingly. Sometimes a panel will exist for several years, sometimes just during a project. The key is to keep the overall topic the same, as that is what the panelists joined the panel for in the first place.

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2. Invite people to the panel

You want your panel to be big enough to get a few good answers for each question, but small enough to be able to build a personal connection with the panelists over time. This normally means somewhere between 50-150 panelists. Invite people by writing a personal invitation where you explain why you want them to join your panel and what you will discuss there. Include the link to your panel. You can invite people by email or any other channel where you can share the link with them.

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3. Send out your very first video question

When you have at least 30 panelists in your panel, you can send out your very first video question. Just record a selfie video with your mobile phone. Briefly welcome people to the panel, explain the background to your question and perhaps give some examples. Try to keep the video under 90 seconds. We recommend recording a vertical video, as most people will view it on their mobile phone. You can use the preview to see what the panelists will see before you send it out.

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