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How to create a great panel

Pick a great panel name

Think about who will be in the panel and what topics you will discuss. Make sure to create a panel which panelists will feel a bit proud to be a part of. If your company is named Acme, your panel could be named “Acme Innovation”. And if your company makes running shoes, your panel could be named something even more specific like “Acme Runners”. The panel name will seen by both people at your company, and by the panelists.

Create a brief and clear panel description

The panel description will appear on the panel page where people land when you invite them to your panel. This is the perfect place to explain what the panel is about and what to expect. You can use text like in the image below, or a short video to create the personal connection from the very beginning

Add a simple internal panel description

The internal panel description will appear in the reports to provide context for the reader. It is especially great if you will send reports to people who do not participate in the video questions or know the panel so well. Keep it short and just explain who is in the panel, and what topics you tend to discuss, something like:

"Acme Innovation is a panel where we invite communicative and creative customers and partners who have contributed with valuable feedback. We discuss topics related to product marketing, business development, and product development."

Upload a fun thank you-image

After each video question the participating panelists will receive an automatic Thank You-email. You can upload an image which will appear in this email. We recommend using a fun photo of the person or team who manages the panel.